RV Motorhome

Bumper to Bumper Power Protection

Your RV is at the Mercy of the Power Pedestal
and Surge Protection Is Not Enough Protection

Poor power quality entering your RV can not only affect the longevity of your electronic equipment and motors, but can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and create frustrating, unnecessary travel delays. Surge protection in and around the home is commonplace in today's world. Surges, however, are not the only dangers to your electronic equipment. The quality of power entering a home is generally consistent; however, the same can not be said for RV parks. Power quality in RV parks is subject to vast fluctuations and is dependent upon many factors. Intensity of electrical loads placed on an RV park, weather conditions, faulty wiring and undersized or deteriorating electrical connections affect the quality of power entering your RV. With today's RV containing sophisticated and sensitive electronics, a few short seconds of faulty power can wipe out appliances within the coach such as stereos, satellites, microwaves, televisions and refrigerators.

Surge Guard® Bumper to Bumper Power Protection

TRC's Surge Guard family of power protection devices are designed to protect your RV's electrical system and sophisticated electronics from the dangers of faulty electrical power. A variety of Surge Guard products protect your RV from:
   • High/Low Voltage   • Open Neutral   • Miswired Pedestals   • Surges

These Surge Guards (except Models 44740, 41260 and the Circuit Analyzer) remove power if the voltage level drops below 102V or rises above 132V. Once the voltage resumes within these parameters, power is restored to the RV with a time delay to allow for AC head pressure bleed off. Surge Guard monitors for faulty wiring from the power pedestal and protects from reverse polarity and the dangers of an open neutral condition. Multi mode surge protection eliminates the potential for power surges to enter the RV through power cables during electrical storms. Surge Guard is available in portable or hardwire configurations.

Now featuring the Surge Guard Automatic Transfer Switch Family

Surge Guard now has a full line of robust Automatic Transfer Switches, including RVC compatible devices. The ATS models transfer to generator power automatically when energized. When both shore power and generator power are available, generator dominates after a 30 second delay. Once the generator is shut down, shore power activates. Automatic Transfer Switch models are available with maximum spike current from 26,400A – 130,000A, and surge suppression from 850 joules – 3350 joules. Some ATS models offer optional remote displays.