30A Hardwire
& Portables
30 Amp Models 34520 34730 with LCD 44740

Rated 120V, 30A
Model 34520
Model 34730 with LCD

Model 44740

50A Hardwires
& Portable
50 Amp Models 34560 34750 with LCD 40240

Rated 120/240V, 50A
Model 34560
Model 34750 with LCD
Model 40240

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Automatic Transfer SwitchesAuto Transfer Switches 40250

Rated 120/240V, 50A
Model 40100
Model 40250-RVC
Model 41260
Rated 120/240V, 90A
Model 41290-RVC

Voltage Regulator

Rated 120V, 30A
Model 10176
Rated 120/240V, 50A
Model 10175

Other Products

Circuit Analyzer
Digital Monitor
Lock Hasp


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