Solar Efficincy


Enhanced solar thermal energy

RainTree’s Enhanced Solar Thermal Energy Systems tap the sun’s power to provide efficient heating, cooling and hot water. Through fewer moving parts and quality engineering there are little or no maintenance costs as compared to traditional HVAC systems. RainTree’s ESTES easily integrates with existing duct work and HVAC systems. Attractive tax credits, local and state incentives and accelerated depreciation give these systems a rapid return on investment. They are cost competitive from day one with conventional systems and provide energy savings immediately while using clean, renewable energy for a large portion of your needs. All this allows you to achieve cost reductions and green business initiatives simultaneously. Our solar thermal energy systems are certified through the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation.

ESTES is just one of the new innovations RainTree Power is offering in our efforts to bring clean, renewable energy production to commercial, industrial and governmental interests throughout North America.



How solar thermal works

RTP’s Enhanced Solar Thermal Energy Systems harness the sun’s energy to:

bullet heat buildings in the winter,
bullet cool buildings in the summer,
bullet supply hot water (in very large
        volume if desired),
bullet integrate seamlessly with existing
        HVAC systems, and
bullet reduce your HVAC and hot water

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